Handy Guide for Spring Cleaning

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It’s that time of year where the buckets and mops and bleach bottles come out. Nearly everyone has a time of year that they deep clean the house. For some it’s weekly and others it’s monthly but generally a couple of times a year gets the kind of cleaning that involves replacing bathroom grout and scrubbing base boards with toothbrushes. While it’s a job that no one enjoys, it’s a job that needs doing and it can be tedious. There are those who call out companies like www.servicemastercleandevon.co.uk and that’s absolutely fine but then there are others who want to get their hands dirty and get the house shiny without the price tag. You can absolute spring clean your home yourself but there are a lot of domestic cleaning hacks available online now that you can use to make life easier. Sitting down with a bit of dust and a cup of tea tends to be more appealing but if the time comes and you need to clean, here are some tips for getting those jobs done quicker.

  1. Don’t forget your doormat. I’m not talking about the other half, but your actual front door mat. Shake it out, bang it with a broom stick over the garden fence and hoover it if you have the equipment to do so but making your doormat look welcoming and cleaning out the bugs on the way will go so far when it comes to making your house homely. Doormats are a heavy traffic area and track dirt into the house first and foremost. We wipe our feet there, they get wet in the rain and they can be covered in mud.
  2. Sort the floors. Steam the carpets and wash the kitchen linoleum and make sure you get a good hoover across both. Dirt grinds down the carpet fibres and can make the carpet feel hard and unappealing over time. By hoovering properly the dirt grit comes right up and the carpet will last longer. If you have unsealed stone floors getting them sealed and cleaned is a great plan. www.servicemastercleandevon.co.uk have excellent tips on how to clean stone floors.
  3. Wash the walls. I know that walls don’t often look like they need a good scrub as most believe that dust and dirt falls down itself; gravity etc. But using a sponge and a handwashing dish soap you can wipe down walls without ruining the paint.
  4. Clean the ceiling. Dusting lighting and bulbs means that you’re lessening the dust in the fixtures. Doing that especially if you have a fan on the ceiling can really stop dirt and dust landing on the floor of the rooms. In the kitchen especially, check for staining on the ceiling from cooking and give that a wash down once a week if you can. Keeping the ceiling clean is very important.
  5. Check the back of appliances. The fridge and the washing machine are the two appliances that harbour the most dirt behind them so giving them and behind them a great clean will help the appliances live longer. Fridges have condenser coils and grilles behind them that always need a good wash to keep them living longer as built up dirt can cause them to overheat.

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