5 Fun Facts about Locksmiths

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1. To top this list, the ever famous escape artist Harry Houdini was actually a locksmith himself. Many have said that he worked as a locksmith for around a couple of years for free before he became a escape artist. For the two years that Houdini was a locksmith, he obviously learned all the tips and tricks in how to pick locks and that was what made him a greatly known escape artist, since his locksmithing knowledge was his main foundation for when he became an escape artist. Houdini is still the most known escape artist all over the world and his secrets in picking locks are still protected.

2. Another interesting fact about locksmithing is that you should know that there are actually only fifteen states in the United States and its neighbouring countries that require locksmiths to have licenses. Therefore, keep in mind that most countries do not really require locksmiths to have a license and that is why you need to be very cautious when you are dealing with them. With this information, this should mean that you avoid unreliable locksmiths. You should find somebody whom you trust so that you will have someone to call in case you already need the help of a locksmith. So if you haven’t found someone that you can trust then you can definitely get someone to help you from http://www.cityoflondonlocksmiths.co.uk.

3. Also, interestingly there is actually a competition every year that is mostly for locksmiths or for people who are passionate or are really interested in picking locks. The competition started in the year 2008 and is known to be the Dutch Open though technically the competition is called The Open Organization of Lock pickers or also known as TOOL. The most interesting part for this competition or championship is that they accept everyone no matter from wherever you are from.

4. Another one is that in early years in history, even before the metal locks or even wooden locks were created, people used to tie knots around their belongings to secure it from thieves, thus the invention of the term thief knot. Those times, the thief knot was often times used by sailors in securing their travelling bags from the thieves around them. Surprisingly they actually have their own way to tell if the knots that serve as their locks were tampered with or not.

5. And then the most amazing fun fact about locksmithing is that it actually does not involve a person or a human being, but it involves a parrot. Yes a parrot, because in 2014 in the month of November, a parrot was actually able to pick his cage’s lock on his own and then the lock of a car as well that was used to transport him. Because of that incident, the parrot was then named Magic.