Busting the Bad Vibes and Staying Positive

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The effects of a positive outlook and a happy personality extend to the quality of the output you produce at work. This is why many people would like to invest and consciously exert efforts to develop a personality that attracts the positive things. The law of attraction which has gained much popularity after being featured in the book titled “the Secret” suggests that you have the power to attract the things that you want. To do this the first thing you need to achieve is a positive mindset.

Having positively infused thoughts is often difficult to sustain with all the distractions and negativity around you. Part of the things that you can do to make this task easier is to manipulate your environment to remove the sources of bad vibes and replace it with the ones that encourage positivity.

The design of your room or your house in itself can have an impact in your mindset. You spend most of your time at home so the environmental aura there will have an influence on your mood. Start by removing clutter and making sure that everything looks tidy and neat. Clutter will cloud your mind and will not do anything to help you organize your thoughts which are necessary in being productive at work.

Once you have removed the clutter alter the aspects in your room that influence the entry of natural light during the day. Sunlight is your unlimited source of positivity. Consider having curtains that do not totally block the light from coming in. You may also hire experts the team of expert professionals at http://www.shoreditchwindows.co.uk to help you fix your window to allow more light in.

After you fix your home environment take a look at your workplace next. Eliminate items in your desk that stress you out. Some people love to use sticky notes to remind them stuff but often end up being stressed out at the sight of these notes. If this is the case then you may need to find another way to remind yourself of important things. You can also interchange from using sticky notes and email reminders. Alternating how you use things that influence your mood can lessen the amount of bad vibes that you get out of the office.

Surround yourself with positive people but also make an effort to be in positive places. Observe the type of places that make you happy. It could be a posh café, a crowded shopping center, a busy street or a quiet library. Wherever you find the most positive thoughts flooding in make an extra effort to visit these places more often.

The final piece that completes your bad-vibes proof design to recreate your mindset is to surround yourself with positive people. You may have the best design for your house, the most stress free workplace but if you surround yourself with people who place the burden of the world on themselves and passes it on to you, you can still end up feeling negative and depressed. Positive people will help you have positive thoughts.