3 factors to consider when choosing labels for shipments

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For anyone who is going to be handling a lot of shipments for items, there is one type of product that you will need to get. You can get these items from http://www.shockwatch.co.uk. And those types of labels that you can get from that online store are impact indicators and sensors for tilt and vibration. These labels are not just any simple labels. You will be able to get a lot of use out of them, aside from a simple warning label. You will find that you can get more protection for your items if you just simply stick these indicators and labels on your packages. You can prevent any potential damage that may happen to your items during shipment. These types of labels can provide more protection against careless handling.

Size of your shipment

Depending on the size of your shipment you will want to get a compatible label for your shipment size. Bigger shipments or packages will require a larger warning label too. This is because you will want to get a warning label that is visible in a large package. If a warning label is too small, then it may not even be seen at all. Larger items may also have different resistances to impact or force.

Weight of your item

The type of warning label or impact indicator that you use will also depend on the weight of your item. Heavier items will require sturdier and more durable warning indicators and sensors. So if you want to use the most appropriate type of warning indicator or sensor, then you will have to check whether or not it fits the weight of your item.

Type of product

For products that are perishable or sensitive to a specific placement, then you may want to get an indicator for tilt or vibration. And the same could also be said for items that are delicate, because you may want to use an impact indicator warning label on it. So get a specific warning label that will suit your type of shipment.

Remember, if you want to get the right kind of labels, you will have to get your warning labels, impact indicators, and tilt sensors from the right merchant. The merchant for the warning labels that you get is another factor that you also have to consider. You will want to get your warning labels from a merchant that sets the industry standard. And you will be able to get such a merchant for impact indicators if you check out http://www.shockwatch.co.uk. You will find all sorts of warning labels that can fit all types shipments and items. And all of their warning labels will also be able to provide more protection for your shipments. And by sticking these labels onto your shipments, you will also keep them much safer from improper handling by people or anyone who comes in contact with your item. Using these types of warning labels are absolutely necessary if you want to ensure that your shipments are kept safe.