Choosing An Apprenticeship: A Guide

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When you go through school from the moment you turn 11, you are asked to decide what you want to do with your life. Every subject you take through the first and second year prepares you for what to do with your choices in third year for your GCSEs. Nothing a student does through the first three years of secondary school is based on chance and it’s all based on choice. In third year, after you sit your SATs at the end of the year, you get invited to a meeting with your teachers and you choose between subjects to decide what to sit for your main exams in fourth and fifth year. All these choices you make will hopefully help you to decide what to do with your life.

Not everyone knows what they want to do and that is perfectly okay! There are many routes when choosing a career and they don’t always involve A Levels and heading to university for a degree. There are a lot of kids now who get through their GCSEs and decide that higher education is not for them if it means doing two more years of hard study and exams. That’s not to say they’re lazy, sometimes book and board learning doesn’t suit and that is the whole idea of different routes through education. One of the most popular routes for 16-24 year olds is the apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships encompass more ‘learning on the job’ than it does sitting at a desk and being talked at all day and this is the best way of learning for a lot of people, not just children. By taking on an apprenticeship, many people learn a skill like training to be an electrician, plumbing and even engineering. The roles start with a very minimum wage – more like pocket money – and one a day week at college. The four days you aren’t at college you are learning practically and on the job with one day of actual college work. This suits as learning by doing can be a lot easier to grasp.

There is a rather huge call for apprentice graduates as they have learned a life skill as well as gained some great qualifications. The wages change after you finish and whether you’ve decided to be an electrician in London or been hired by a firm who require plumbers Southampton you will have a secure position. Choosing an apprenticeship is not an easy way out option and never let anyone make you think otherwise. Many apprentices go on to be extremely successful in their field of learning and progressing up the ladder is definitely a great possibility. 

When you choose an apprenticeship to learn on choose something you are not only interested in, but that you are passionate about. You are able to make a decision on your future without much interruption and as long as you are making the right decision for you the enthusiasm you show throughout will shine!