Curtains VS Blinds: The Window Battle

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Roller blinds and curtains have different functions and the way it is used depends on the thoughtful planning. Before you make a design plan for your room, you need to consider the location and size of the window. Often people choose a mix of curtain and roller design for their house. Choosing the right thing for your home is an art. With so many products available, one may be confused and waste his money on something undesirable. Choosing whether you go for curtains or roller blinds can depend on a lot of factors, not least the room that you are planning to decorate. Roller blinds are in more demand today as compared to curtain in this modern age and curtains are seen as fairly old-fashioned and glorified dust gatherers.

As more and more people find installing these roller blinds in corporate places or at home convenient, it is gaining more popularity and this isn’t just the expense. Roller blinds not only help to protect against UV rays of the sun, it also adds to your home and office décor. You can buy them custom made for the area you plan to use them or you can buy them off the rack in standard homewares shops. Companies like make blinds to custom specifications and colours can be chosen too. However, some people cannot make a difference between roller blinds and curtains and are confused. A set of curtains consists of a single piece of cloth material that is pulled together from both the ends to cover your window area. They block sunlight, give you privacy and make your room look nice and beautiful.

They also have the added ability to keep heat in and cold air out. Curtains may be both single or in pair, that are designed to cover the windows or simply dress it. Curtains make your house feel like home. They give warm and gentle touch to your room and you cannot imagine a room without curtains. Curtains usually can cost you more but it also completes your house. Most of the fabric companies sell the complete range of readymade curtains including curtain rods and ties. You can get curtains custom made if you have awkward shaped windows. The downside to curtains is that they get dirty easily and need washing and drying because they attract dust particles. 

A roller blind custom made from companies like can be divided into two categories, soft blinds and hard blinds. Soft roller blinds can be made at home out of different fabrics. Hard blinds need special manufactures to build and sell them in market. A roller blind is just another type of window cover that is simple and stylish. The name roller comes from the way it is used. It hangs on your window and operates by rolling up and down.

You can control the amount of area the blind covers on your window. Blinds can be made of all types of fabrics or custom made wood from companies like It consists of a tabular mechanism with the fabric rolled over it and adds beauty to your room. It is ideal for use on small windows. It saves space because it does not require any area on either side of the window like the curtain. Also the roller blinds come in more variety of designs and models as compared to curtains. Curtains cover up the whole window space and cannot be modified whereas this is not the case with a blind.