Garden Goes Bling!

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The availability of garden furniture nowadays is huge with the sheer range of furnishings on offer. If you’re going to furnish your garden then you need to know your budget and if money is no object then you can have a whale of a time choosing some of the finest, fanciest garden bits and bobs that money can buy. It used to be the case that just having a parasol or a deckchair on your patio was considered the height of outdoor decadence; but recently, the stakes have been well and truly raised. Now, no truly stylish garden should be seen without an array of luxury outdoor furniture that wouldn’t look out of place at a boutique hotel, and we all love it! We don’t get the weather in the UK for swimming pools but there’s nothing wrong with a barbecue outside at any time of year.

From weatherproof sofas to maze rattan furniture and high-end polished dining tables, to super-posh exterior lighting and even handcrafted teak cushion storage boxes, the garden has become the latest place to show off your dosh. The rise of the “outdoor room” began a number of years ago, and demand for very high-end garden furniture is definitely increasing. People are spending far more on their gardens than ever before, and they want design-led, contemporary furniture that reflects their taste yet that can be left outdoors all year round. The problem? The eye-watering price tags in the thousands of pounds. It’s hard to know what exactly customers are getting for their money that they wouldn’t get with a common-or-garden table-and-chair set from local large supermarkets or garden centres.

Luxury, high-end furniture is so far ahead of budget furniture technically — you get a much, much longer life out of it and you want hard working furniture for your garden. It’s comfortable and easy to keep clean, and over the past few years, manufacturers have reached new levels of design and technology. Much of it would look equally at home in a living or dining room. The ability to sit outside and enjoy the fresh air is a luxury that costs nothing but the furniture you sit on. Outdoor fabrics are now very soft to the touch, and advances in technology mean that fabrics are also mould-resistant, dirt repellent, and UV fade-proof, with cushions filled with quick-dry foam. Seams are always welded as well as sewn, and many frames have in-built drainage channels ensuring rainwater drains away efficiently and effectively.

Having said all that, would you really pay more than £18,000 for an outdoor sofa? The next time you have a garden party, why settle for a boring old gazebo from B&Q when you can entertain in your very own hexagonal pavilion? The costs can be hard to stomach but again, if budget is not an issue then why not? Your garden furniture doesn’t have to be bog standard if you can afford for it not to be.