Gut Those Gutters: Get Them Repaired

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Gutter systems around a house can last for over twenty five years. This doesn’t mean they will never need repairs, and the first step to extending the life of your gutters is regular cleaning. You can either hire in a cleaning company to do this or you can do this yourself. If your gutters are already damaged, some problems can be easily repaired and others will mean that you have to replace the gutters entirely.

The main factor is determining whether to repair or replace your gutters will be the extent of the damage. If you only have one or two trouble spots you may be able to buy materials from and replace the damage points yourself. Having multiple sections of gutter fall apart will result in needing a full replacement and for that you’ll need a roofer. The money you will spend constantly replacing parts of the gutter system is not worth it when you can spend that same money replacing the whole thing. Be aware of dodgy salesmen if you hire a professional to take a look.

More often than not, only a small repair may be required but they will be highly likely upsell a full replacement. If you are confident you want a repair go ahead and get multiple estimates. This is a good way to choose someone reputable and trustworthy to replace your gutters in the home. Gutters are relatively simple in their design and so there are just a few ways that they can fail. Gutters can be clogged with debris such as build up from natural materials like leaves or from unnatural materials like lost tennis balls. If you notice water marks under the gutters or pooling water and mildew near your foundation, your gutters are very likely to be overflowing and need a simple cleaning.

Don’t just look at the horizontal half pipes here, check the downspout as that can be blocked too. You can buy your materials for if you want to replace anything yourself and if you notice your gutters leaning down or pulling away from the house you need to act quickly to avoid rotting fascia board and total gutter collapse. The reason for your gutter sag is most likely the result of a broken hanger or spike. Inspect the problem area and replace broken hardware as necessary. You can purchase screw-in spikes instead of hammer-in to help with spike holes that have become worn and loose.

Your gutter may also sag due to excess weight from debris that needs cleaned out, ice expansion over the winter or from undue stress such as leaning a ladder on your gutters which you should never ever do! If there is permanent warping, you may need to replace that section of gutter, if not your whole system depending on the extent of the damage. All these things need to be sorted out quickly to reduce the risk of flooding inside.