How Does Log and Wood Kiln Works

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When it comes to the process of wood drying, the use of timber for construction is very crucial. However, if it’s used for industrial, the process and its rationale behind remains a mystery. Knowing how a log and wood kiln works gives you a better in-depth understanding in drying the wood. Here is a following guide that you can use, in order for you to recognize the essence of a seasoned log.

Wood moisture

Whether you are using a small or a heavy scale of wood for any project of construction, the level of moisture content of the wood greatly affects the performance of the wood drying process. So, this means that if the timber absorbs or loses moisture and reaches to a point that it have the same range as of the environment. This process is called as equilibration. This revolves a lot of issues, the most common is the unequal shrinking of the wood or the occurrence of damage is too quick to occur in the process.

The difference between hardwood and softwood in the business world

The comparison between hardwood and softwood plays an important part in the process of which type of wood is better for usage. The use of softwood has always been dominating the choice for commercial wood supply and usage because it dries easily while hardwood are difficult to deal with in terms of its drying process because it have a decrease in permeability. Ideally, it can drag the delay the projects for construction which is why it would be best to avoid a dramatic decrease of moisture content.

The benefits of drying is done right after felling. This protects the timber from decaying, acquiring fungal infections and infestation of any insects. There are as well other benefits of the drying process such as it have increase its strength, it have insulation properties that are better, it enhances in the suitability of work, glues, paints and finishes.


Drying takes place for about 12 to 18 months. It is ideal that you do the drying process ahead of time especially if you are planning to have a construction project. This means that if you want to connect with a supplier like at it is best to let them know ahead of time if you want to use a timber that has not been in stock for quite a long time.

Kilning- this is a type of oven that is created to insulate the timber within the chamber. This has been used for many years and has been tackled widely in cooking, cement making and smelting of ores. For smaller scale of wood, air drying is a good option. However, if you are using for a big project such as construction purposes, the use of industrial kilns comes in handy. Under kilning technique it also comes with heating, humidification, air circulation and chambers.

Mind you, kilns is a kind of topic that is very complex. It is best that you seek consultation for better log and wood purchase at your wood experts like at