Ten advantages to switching over to trichloroethylene replacements

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Switching over to trichloroethylene replacements has many advantages, don’t believe this? Buy your trichloroethylene replacement, from http://www.envirotech-europe.com, and find out yourself. You can also read this article to find out ten reasons for switching.

  1. Simplified waste disposal

The by-product, of using trichloroethylene replacements, is often not classified as hazardous waste. This classification simplifies the waste disposal process. You do not have to take any special measures to dispose of trichloroethylene replacements once they have been used. These products eliminate the need for complicated disposal techniques to deal with trichloroethylene, which is classified as a hazardous waste.

  1. Low flammability concern

Trichloroethylene replacements often do not have a flash point; this eliminates the risk for flammability. A low flammability chance will make it easier, to handle and transport trichloroethylene replacements.

  1. Does not deplete the ozone layer

Trichloroethylene replacements do not release CFC gases when used. This makes it safer for the environment. Switching over to trichloroethylene replacements will be much better for the environment because trichloroethylene replacements have a lower impact on global warming.

  1. The new standard

As more and more companies, such as http://www.envirotech-europe.com, produce high-quality replacements for trichloroethylene, many more cleaning services are switching over too. Pretty soon trichloroethylene replacements will be the new standard that will be used for industrial cleaning and treatment of metals.

  1. Better cleaning power and performance

With the recent advancements in chemical science, trichloroethylene replacements often outperform normal trichloroethylene solvents, in both laboratory and field tests. These results clearly mark trichloroethylene replacements as the superior choice.

  1. Highly effective on oils, grease, and other organic materials

Trichloroethylene replacements have shown to be very effective at dissolving various kinds of organic material. If you need to industrially clean tanks that are covered in oils or grease, then trichloroethylene replacements such as, “ProSolv,” can do that job perfectly. Purchase “ProSolv,” and other trichloroethylene replacements from http://www.envirotech-europe.com.

  1. Can be transported on ships

Since trichloroethylene replacements are safer to transport, there are no restrictions for them being loaded onto ships. Trichloroethylene, being an extremely volatile and toxic material, is highly regulated. These regulations on trichloroethylene make it hard for trichloroethylene products to be transported around. The same cannot be said of trichloroethylene replacements, which are much easier to transport around. 

  1. Does not contain toxic substances

Trichloroethylene replacement products, such as “Equus”, are free from toxic chemicals. Other trichloroethylene replacement solvents are free from chromium or lead, which makes those kinds of products much safer to use than normal trichloroethylene solvents.

  1. Dries much faster

Using trichloroethylene replacements to clean materials can save you a lot of time. This is because, in addition to dissolving at faster rates, trichloroethylene replacements also dry much faster. You do not have to wait a long time to start the post-cleaning process.

  1. Compatible with existing technology

Trichloroethylene replacements do not need any special equipment to use. Often, the same equipment that you have used with trichloroethylene solvents are compatible with trichloroethylene replacements. You do not need to buy any special equipment for trichloroethylene replacements.