Tips For Renting A New Home.

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Going for a new rental is always an exciting adventure especially if you are upgrading your current digs to something with more rooms, more garden and just more space! Yes, renting can be expensive but if buying a house isn’t an option for you then renting is your next best thing. There’s a lot of factors that need to be considered when it comes to renting a house and they are not always easy to handle all in one go because renting is not an easy option. So, we’ve decided to put together a guide for you who are renting and not buying a home. Renting is a practical solution for those unable to come up with a deposit to buy a home but there is a lot of organisation required to rent.

Location, monthly costs, insurances, deposits, admin fees and general condition of the house and itineraries are all big considerations for moving into a rented property as the property is not yours entirely. Yes, you can live in it as if it were your own and care for it as if it were your own but the bottom line is that the house is being borrowed for a fixed term until you hand it back. Furnished houses are always more difficult to find so if you’re looking for a rental with furniture be aware that this may make the process longer. There are estate agencies out there that specialise in rentals with furnishings especially if you are going for a student let.

The itinerary of your new rented property should be slowly gone over with a very fine toothcomb and you should make sure you check the entire property for mould, damp and cracks as a very basic requirement. Make sure you go with a friend – two pairs of eyes are immensely better than one. Get to know your estate agent to make sure you won’t be left in the lurch for repairs and depending on the flooring, advance find a wool carpet cleaning company so you can make sure you have back up for any awkward spills.

If you have children then being aware of the environment is very important. Not just the outside but the inside. Carpeted flooring while a pain to clean is soft and supple on kids’ feet and flooring like wood or stone in the kitchen is great when limited to one room as it gives it some character. There are a lot of companies out there that you can take advice from so finding a good stone floor cleaning company for advice on flooring is a smart idea.

Ultimately if you have to rent a property you need to be very aware of the pitfalls as well as the fact you now have the ability to make this house a home. Decorating generally needs your landlord’s permission but if given the go ahead you make the house as homely as you like and really put your stamp on things. You can do so much to a rented property and even though the money up front is still quite high, your home can be anything you want. The biggest pro? Your landlord is responsible for replacing broken kitchen appliances or repairs and you won’t have to come up with instant money you don’t have.