Top Painting Risks to Try Even Just Once in Your Life

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Decorating and painting the home is one of the best ways to improve its ambiance or atmosphere without doing any extensive renovations. While professionals can be the ones who can do an excellent job at this, there is also the option of doing the work personally. Express your own personality by taking on the painting and decorating job.


Painting the home is not as easy as splashing the paint all over the walls and ceilings. There are tips and techniques that one has to take advantage of to be able to make the most out of this particular work. These tips and techniques are the ones being used by professionals at too. Follow them to ensure that a good result for the said project.


Consider going for various painting risks too. These are the risky techniques that you might want to go for at least once. You might think that they are really risky but they are actually not. If you can pull it off successfully, you can achieve a better painting result than you can imagine. Here are some the top painting risks to try at your home.


The doors and trims should be painted of a color aside from the color white. The white is basically the default color for the doors and trims. Thus, a lot of people opt for white without any question. However, it can add an unexpected flair to the trims and doors if you use a different color for them. You can use glossy black if you are after an elegant and sophisticated look. Other colors work as well.


Purchasing a bright sofa is highly recommended by professionals at Commonly, people are advised to buy a sofa that is of neutral color and then just dress it up with colorful pillows. This is the safe option, after all. However, you might want to make a statement and so you better choose those sofas that have a bright and colorful flair to them. Do not be afraid to take on that risk.


Decorating a unique accent wall is also a good idea. Painting the wall with a single color is definitely a thing of the past. Try creating a focal wall by choosing colors that are on the trend or by drawing graphic patterns. Use wallpapers and paints to achieve that. If not, the most cost-effective way to do that is the use of tape. Popular patterns include chevron patterns and horizontal stripes.


Mismatched furniture are perfect. Overlook the furniture sets like bedroom sets, dining sets, or living room sets. The matching sets are your safe options but you can get a more exciting option if you fill the room with furniture that will look good together. Just trust in your very own instincts.


Adding prints can be really scary for other people because they make the room look extremely busy. If you want to decorate with prints, you must make sure to mix patterns. If you learn to mix patterns as if you are a professional at it, then you can bring more life to your room. It is a risk in decorating that is worth taking.