Transferring Your Car Number Plate

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If you’ve just sold your car with then congratulations! Trouble is, what do you do about your personal plates? Not to worry we’ve put together this informative guide on how to transfer your plates easily.

  1. Get yourself online and download the form V317 from the DVLA website and fill it in. if you’ve already bought yourself a new car you’ll need the details for the new car as well as the old one so you can fill in the information for which car plate transfers to which.
  2. Send the form along with the either the new keeper V5c with a completed V62 to the DVLA and this does come with a small fee so make sure you send a money order or a cheque for the correct amount.
  3. There aren’t very many conditions but obviously you need to ensure that both the old car and the new car are registered in the UK and taxed. If your old car does not have road tax and has already been sold to, then you should make sure that you have declared the old vehicle off-road. This needs to be less than five years old to be valid.
  4. If your personal plates will make your new car appear younger than it actually is you won’t be able to transfer the plate.
  5. Make your car available as the DVLA may pop along and inspect the new car to ensure its age.
  6. You’ve then got to wait and find out if the change has been approved and if so the old plate will be withdrawn and the new plate will be transferred on the same day.
  7. Lastly, inform your insurer! Don’t get in trouble by having incorrect plates on your insurance or worse, the incorrect car registered to the now invalid plate. You want the whole process to be as smooth as possible and the best way to do this is to take your time.

You won’t be able to transfer a licence plate number if it starts with a Q or NIQ for Northern Ireland registered vehicles. The DVLA will send out new registration certificates for both vehicles and that can take 4 weeks to arrive.

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