Types of Glass: A Guide

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Making changes to your home or office is always exciting and yet can become tediously expensive at times. Choosing where to make changes in the home or in the office is always a big factor but most people forget that there is a lot you can do with the windows and even glass walls of your home. It’s rather an overlooked area, glass, and ensuring you’re doing the best for your company or home is where an interior design company can come in and advise. When you choose to refurbish your office, you choose between giving your office the best you can give it or just making do. In recent years, making the move to install a glass partition wall instead of a solid partition wall around the office has become extremely popular because glass lets light flood right through the premises. 

If you can find an excellent company that has eco glass for sale, you’re onto a winner as eco glass is less likely to shatter than ordinary window glass. Ordinary window glass is brittle and shatters easily on impact whereas safety glass which is also known as laminated glass has a principal feature of its great performance under impact. The glass of course can still break – laminated or not it’s still glass – but it’s less likely to shatter into thousands of pieces and cause numerous injuries. You can add a little flair to the home or office by purchasing painted glass online can really liven up an office partition wall.

It sounds like an easy choice but choosing between different types of glass for your office is similar to choosing between buying kitchen glass online and bathroom glass online; it’s important and it’s going to make a statement in the home. Offices with bathrooms you can shower in are so attractive to commuters especially those who cycle so why not create an atmosphere with the glass you choose?

Before deciding which type of partition would suit your office, you have to really understand how your space is being used and whether you may want any further changes once those glass partitions go up. You also have to ask yourself what your motivation is for needing glass instead of solid walls. You have to decide whether you are wanting to create divisions between departments or teams or whether you just want to close off the areas that activities are being done in the different areas of the office. The world is your oyster with this as you can arrange and design your office to sit how you want it to.

Is your company leaning toward the eco-friendly? If so, then glass partitioning is definitely a big consideration as the energy conservation with modern offices is that the more light is flooded through your office space, and it creates a very airy feeling. Choosing economically friendly glass will be good for the office budget and really good for the office in general. The more light that comes through the office the less you need the lights on in the office and therefore you are majorly saving energy. Consider whether your glass partitions will need sound proofing or not and whether you will need sound proofing at all.

If you make the choice for your office to use glass partitions then be smart about it!