Factors That Can Harm The Wood In Your Property

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Wood is tangible material that can be damaged due to frequent exposure to factors that can damage it. There are several factors that we should consider for us to know that those should not come real close in contact to the wooden materials that we have. Also, by learning about these factors, you can take some actions that can lessen or prevent the existence of such materials that can cause damage to the wood in your house.

Wood worm – The existence of wood worm is not new to us, but the thing is, we are not that knowledgeable enough that this living creature can cause damage to our wooden materials at home. It is very easy to detect wood worms because they usually leave a small hole mark on the area that they have accumulated. Also, you will get to notice powdered wood on the ground at the portion where they have settled. The size of the hole usually is measured at an approximate of 1 to 1.5 mm in widest diameter.

Termites – Termites are not just damaging to the wood but also to other materials that you have at home. They are fond of creating lines where they usually hide and crawl until they have settled into a place where they wanted to settle. Apart from their marks, they will also create their kingdom where the queen termite lives. This can also leave a devastating aftermath to your books and other paper materials which is something you should not allow.

Wet and dry rot – There are various outcomes that wet and dry rot will leave us. Wet and dry rot are simply fungi accumulation that weakens the consistency and characteristics of a wood. As what you will notice, these fungi will eat out the wood, causing it to decay and become weak.

Wet or moist soil –Wood is always different. Once you are going to soak it in a moist or wet area, in time, it will go weak and become a substandard material. That is why basements should be thoroughly checked by a professional surveyor for you to have a better view and understanding on how to have a better plan and design to lengthen the durability and life of your basement and house foundation. Learn more by logging in to http://www.jhgarlickltd.com

In this case, most homeowners are now keen enough in providing safety not only for their basement area but also towards their surroundings. If order for us to prevent such accumulation of pests and other factors that can weaken up our wooden materials and our basement, you can make use of water proofing materials and wood treatment in order to strengthen the wood and prevent it from being soaked in wet materials. If you have some questions to clarify, it would be best for you to ask experts. You can opt to visit http://www.jhgarlickltd.com and feel free to ask questions to professional surveyors and to experts that have been doing this job for quite some time already.