How to Enrich Your Office Building Design

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When it comes to choosing an architect to build an office building, most planners want clean lines and sharp features which are very popular among architects especially for office or professional buildings. Glass walls and partitions don’t really convey privacy, but are especially impressive in large buildings and the natural light they encourage into the space is not only an energy saver but the simple and understated look is professional and modern. Architects understand that and play to the strengths of what is on trend right now. Interior design is the art of designing your home or office space to be more comfortable, sometimes colourful and definitely more aesthetically pleasing.

Sometimes plain glass doesn’t have that ‘wow’ factor and so purchasing decorative glass online absolutely can offer the same clean and modern look, but with a little more pizazz. Varying patterns on the glass can make it opaque so when it comes to office design you’ve got the feel of open plan but the privacy for meetings, interviews and breakout rooms just off the main meeting spaces. Decorated glass lets in light but allows for privacy. Office design especially within city centres has boomed over the years and they’ve gone from wooden walls and stone busts to sheet glass walls, windows and partitions.

There are a lot of options with glass and other than decorative glass designs there are also tempered options. Having a flick through company brochures so you can buy toughened glass online as this is mainly used for shower doors, splashbacks and glass wall cladding. The glass is stressed at high heat and becomes jagged but in a safe way and the pattern then becomes wavy or really swirled into any design you want. Architects design glazed doors and windows with the view that the overall appearance and ambience of a home or office can actually be changed by doors alone. No one actually believes that doors are important in terms of design but with the right finish and material they contribute to the overall purpose of the room. Obviously, the biggest benefit to glass doors is natural light. Wooden doors when closed do not let in as much light and can therefore make a home or office seem darker than usual. At work, this doesn’t inspire the workers and can reflect on their mood; the darker the environment to work in the less motivation, for example.

The feeling of spaciousness and open in appearance and in smaller rooms you can really make the space seem huge and the amount of light that floods through a whole open plan office space really can give an illusion of grandeur. Glass partitions and doors for offices or homes is made differently to generic single pane as they’re made not to shatter easily. Really helpful if you’re working with an overactive group of toddlers… in a nursery, not an office! Toys being thrown haphazardly across a nursery baby room requires tough glass that won’t smash on the first hit at least!