Property Inventory: What To Know

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If a property owner would want to rent or lease a property it is recommended that they have a property inventory. This inventory is a document that has a list of the things that can be seen inside the house or building. Each place in the house is assessed and is described in the document. For example in the hallway, the floor is made of wood and is free from damage. It is clean and there is an accounting of how many of that thing is there. Another example are the keys, each of the keys are accounted for. It is documented how many keys are there for which room or for which door. This document can be a hard copy and if it a hard copy, the owner would have to have it kept on a safety deposit box.

The inventory is periodically, ideally reviewed every three months and is also updated. This will give the tenant and the owner of the property the idea if there are things that need fixing or if they need to change some of the things inside the house. This will also give assurance to both parties that the properties are being taken care of.

This document can also be digitalized. There are some companies like that can store your inventory online. The details of the property will be posted on their website. For example you have an apartment and you want this to have an inventory, the company will put all details like address of the property, what type of property single detached or apartment. They will also write if it is occupied at the moment or not. How many rooms are in the house will also be posted there. This will give potential tenants the way to find a property easier. They will have pictures parts of the properties and are described in details.

This is a better way for people to find your property and to have a good deal fast. They will have an inventory of all the things that are found in every space in the property. For example how many bedrooms are there, what are the things that can be seen in the master’s bedroom? They also write the condition of the things that are present in the bedroom. Like for example, there is a mini fridge in the bedroom, is it clean? Are there stuff still inside? These are how detailed the inventory will be.  If there is some damage or other imperfections with the house or parts of it, it will also be written and posed there.

Like if there are paint marks on the floor or there are scratches on the wall, these are all posted for transparency purposes. What is good with having the inventory online is that you can track it from your phone. If there are things that the company saw that you did not see, you can fix it immediately and tell them that you have made the change or that you have fixed it.