Signs to Look For to Change Your Double Glazed Window

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Like all other things, Double Glazed Windows get to the point where you have to change it when signs of damage and insufficient support are noticed. These types of windows are supposed to be super efficient when it comes to thermo-regulating for both winter and summer seasons. However, due to frequent exposure to several factors, it can weaken over time. Now, what are the signs that you have to look for to know that it is time for you to change your double glazed window? Check out the following:

Check out for water leaks

Water leakage is one of the most common problems that can easily be noticed. It is when you notice a leakage coming from the window glass frame which could mean that the weather seals are no longer reliable. If this is what happens in your case, it can be changed with new seals.  Also, problems such as the appearance of gaps in between the frame can also cause water leaks.

Check for cracks or holes

It may not be that evident, but having a keen eye to every corners of the double glazed window will help you discover if there is any presence of cracks or holes. If your problem is scratched glass, you can try to use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth or a piece of news paper to wipe out the area. In the event that it is not effective, then it is that time that you should change your double glazed window. However, if it is the PVC that has cracks, it should be immediately replaced with new sets of panes because this can lead to a less efficient double glazed window.

Check out for Draughts

You should also include the presence of draught in your checklist. A positive drought could mean that there is a damaged seal around the corner of the window. It can be visible in the window frame or the surrounding bricks which could mean that the seal may have failed to do its duty. If this is the case, you should opt to hire an expert for them to assess further the condition of your double glazed window.

It is always brilliant to first assess the condition of your double glazed window to make sure that it is really damaged. In the event that you do not know how to repair, it is always essential to look for an expert to do the job. You can even check it out at and ask for a quote.