Steps on How to Make your Wooden Floors Look Good Again

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Having wooden floors is surely a great investment for every homeowner. They want their floors to last for a long time because if this is the case, they could save a lot. Many homeowners choose to have wooden floors because they only do not look elegant to every home but they also help have low maintenance. However, as time passes by, wooden floors will not look as good as it did before. In time, they will have gouges and scratches. So now, here are some steps on how to restore your wooden floors without changing them.

First, you need to sand off the old finish of your floor. You can sand off your way alone by renting a floor-sander and also a hand held sander for the edges. Sanding is surely not an easy job but you do not have to worry because you both sanders have vacuum systems and dust bags so that you do not have to do tough cleaning afterwards. Moreover, if sanding is such a difficult part for you, then you can actually hire a company who can do the job. If you do not know where to start off, then you can click

Then, the next step would be cleaning the area where the sanding was done. This is a little bit tiresome because when you sand your hardwood floors, it surely was very messy. Clean the area by sweeping the sand off. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean. Moreover, it is also best to wipe down the walls as well. It is best to use a damp cloth in cleaning the walls. Make sure you also put some at the bottom part so that the water will just go down.

Third, you need to put a finish. The type of finish that you would choose depends on what you intend to have and what you expect your floor to look like. You should also think of the durability and if it will last for a long time. The options that you have are polyurethane, penetrating sealer, and varnish.

So choosing a finish must be done ahead because it usually comes after sanding. Your challenge is to apply everything evenly so that it will look good.

The fourth step is done after the finish has dried off. You can use another steel wool which is finer. You have to use it for the floor. Then, you should vacuum the floor again. After vacuuming, you have to clean it again with cloth.

After cleaning, you can apply the at least two coats of the final sealer or wax. Make sure that it has been evenly applied as you do not want to see uneven surfaces in the area. Then you are ready to have the last coat. After the last coat, all you have to do is to let it dry and you are done.

Just a simple reminder and that is to consider your healthy while doing this job. It is best if you have a mask while doing the coats and also sanding the floor off. Or else, you will surely get sick with the strong smell of the furnish.